About Arun

I broke free from Big Four in 2020. I came in thinking I would make partner. I left with a massive feeling of relief.

It wasn't what I thought it would be. Everyone's experience is different. I was motivated to leave by internal politics and disenchantment with the work. I realized I didn't want to make a career in financial reporting.

I explored many exit opportunities. Nothing got me excited. I interviewed for roles I didn't want. I was told not to apply for roles I wanted because my resume was too accounting-focused. I felt stuck.

I started Professional Success Coaching in 2018 to help people define their dream careers and gain the confidence to pursue them. After receiving 20 job offers in college, spending three years as a top performer in a Deals consulting group at PwC, and getting admitted to London Business School's MBA program while starting my own consulting firm, I have been successful in my pursuit of my own dream career.

The hardest move to make was the resolution to leave Big Four. To leave the job security, upward career trajectory, prestigious brand, and massive network.


I had to get excited about something else first. And I did.

Now I care deeply about my work. My network is stronger than ever. I am motivated to be successful, not just to survive. I have free time and flexibility. I have options, and I am not stuck.

You can have the same. Work with me to get excited about your next job and break free from Big Four.


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