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Lost. Stuck. Unhappy. Dissatisfied. Does this describe you in your career today?

Are you driven, ambitious, and have no idea what you want to do?

This book is a tool for college students and young professionals to define their dream career and a blueprint to finding and winning your perfect job.

Professional Success - the Career Building Blueprint

The book contains:

  • ​Guidance to help you define your ideal career

  • Novel questions to ask yourself to dig deep into your motivations and aspirations

  • A step-by-step guide to defining, finding, and winning your first job in your ideal career

  • Easy-to-follow guides on LinkedIn, resume writing, interview preparation, and more

  • Additional resources to help you build your ideal career and skills to support it

  • Your blueprint to Professional Success

I designed my original career coaching program on a flight from Washington DC to San Francisco in May of 2018. The program consisted of one concept: Professional Success.

I was coming up on 1 year since graduating from Santa Clara University, and had settled in to my full-time working life. I wanted something more to do with my time, and thought about something I had done during my time in college for younger students in my business fraternity.

"Tell me your dream job and I'll help you get it" was the title of my task.

I conducted 63 of these sessions in 2 years. Through it, I learned and applied several skills for researching, networking, and succeeding in a job search for 63 of my fellow students.

I also learned from my classmates what they valued in a dream job, and what they were looking to get out of college in terms of career progression.

In 2019, I decided to package up the learning from all those sessions, along with my own experience both in college and in the 2.5 years of full-time work and career coaching since, to pass it along and help others achieve Professional Success on a larger scale.

The result? This book.