Name: Sophie

Client type: College Student


"I really had no idea what positions or industries interested me. I didn't know where to look. I felt uninterested in most job postings and wasn't sure what would be a good match with my skill set. The program helped me focus on long-term goals rather than just looking for a summer job. It also helped personify different roles/industries which often seem vague or idealized on paper."


Sophie worked with me for 12 months during her college career as she explored different internships and completed a study abroad. I provided guidance, feedback, and strategies to help her make the most of her experiences and time to land a job on the path toward her Professional Success.


Sophie is joining the Peace Corps in Cambodia as an English educator. Her Professional Success involves working in foreign policy and using her education and interest in economics. She knows her Peace Corps experience will open up many doors to foreign policy and is equipped with the skills to walk through those doors with confidence!

Name: Evelyn

Client type: Consulting


Evelyn knew from her time in junior college that she wanted to be a CFO. She earned three degrees by the time she finished undergrad in human development, finance, and accounting. She joined PwC's audit practice, focusing on biotech and venture capital clients.


During her 5 years at PwC, she gained an interest in biotech and volunteered much of her time in the education community. She also gained priceless experience that will contribute vastly to her CFO career.


Evelyn saw an opportunity to broaden her business knowledge by getting an MBA from a top business school. She further wanted to gain experience in consulting to better understand broader business issues.


I worked with Evelyn to create her application for ZS (a consulting firm), prepare her for interviews, and advised her in negotiating a location-flexible offer as she looks to move after her MBA program.

She joined ZS as a strategy consultant, focusing on healthcare clients.