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All Coaching Programs

Your availability:

You will respond to all emails promptly and make yourself available for phone conversations during my working hours, which are 7am to 3pm EST (12pm to 8pm UK time).


If either party becomes aware of any developments that could cause delays or otherwise impede the progress or completion of our work, we mutually agree to inform the other party of these developments.


I do not offer refunds for purchases of my services unless I am unable to complete the work due to developments arising from my side of the agreement. If I am unable to complete the work due to your unresponsiveness, lack of cooperation, or other resistance to my help, you are not entitled to a refund.

Professional Brand


You know where you want to go. You have a next job targeted and want some assurance that you are presenting yourself perfectly before you begin your pursuit of that job.


1) Create a resume and LinkedIn profile that ideally represent you for your target job.

2) Ensure you are prepared to ace your behavioral interviews by telling your authentic story flawlessly.


We will communicate over email exclusively, apart from one 30 minute phone conversation when I deliver your first draft to you, and one 1 hour phone conversation within one week of your scheduled interview. I will respond to all emails within 12 hours.

Your responsibilities

You will send me your existing resume and connect with me on LinkedIn. In addition, you will send me an example job posting for your target job. Please update your LinkedIn prior to our 30 minute phone conversation.

My responsibilities

I will send you a first draft of your resume by our agreed upon deadline, no sooner than 3 days from our first email correspondence. After our 30 minute phone conversation, I will send you a final draft of your resume and my advice for your LinkedIn profile within 24 hours. Within one week of your interview, we will have an additional one hour phone conversation to practice behavioral interviewing. 

Professional Blueprint


You have some idea where you want to go, but need help with the details


Give you a roadmap to your career change complete with tactical, detailed action steps to take you through to day one of your new job.


We will book a 2-hour video call in which you should have uninterrupted access to your computer and a reliable internet connection.

Your responsibilities

Come prepared and ready to work quickly through my 8-step Career Blueprint. Have answers to my questions ready.

My responsibilities

Listen and facilitate the creation of your career blueprint. "Hold the pen" on your blueprint and provide you with the roadmap in PDF format within 24 hours of our call.

Professional Success Coaching


You know you want a change, but don't know where you want to go.


1) Define your Professional Success

2) Research possible next steps for you to build your Professional Success

3) Identify your next step

4) Build a step-by-step plan for you to achieve that next step

5) Create your Professional Brand

5) Build your network

6) Take action to achieve your next step

7) Win the job offer.


We will have 30 minute phone conversations once per week (Sunday - Saturday), and you will have unlimited email access to me with guaranteed 24 hour response time on weekdays.


Your responsibilities

Make our scheduled appointments on time, be responsive to email questions, be open minded about self discovery and willing to do what is asked of you, which may involve cold emailing strangers, drafting several emails and LinkedIn connection request notes, brainstorming potential jobs, conducting research via various platforms, and more.

My responsibilities

Provide advice to help you achieve the above objectives, and fulfill my responsibilities set forth above.

If you have any concerns or questions about the above terms, please email me at with the subject line "Terms and Conditions"

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